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No More European Empires by QuantumBranching No More European Empires by QuantumBranching
Another map drawing inspiration from the "Changing the Times" alternate history website: this one is drawn from Matt Mitrovich's "For Goodness Sake, no More European Empires."

It is a world where a successful confederate breakaway and a short civil war (nobody available with Lincoln's determination) set a bad precedent, and the US broke up into several chunks over the next few decades. Meanwhile, the Federation of Central America managed to stay together, and provided a core around which a larger Latin American union could form.

The Confederacy died ugly in a bloody war, its territory divided between the victors, and the slaves taking control of it's "black belt" agricultural core. (The state of New Africa hasn't done as well as some of it's boosters had hoped, but definitely nowhere near as bad as it's detractors predicted).

France did not have a "Commune 1870", but an equally unpleasant clash with the Germans, followed by turmoil, followed by a Man on a Horse, led to the creation of a hard-left government, which promptly lost most of its colonies to the Germans (and the British, who backed German efforts to overthrow it, which did not go well).

France went into diplomatic isolation, but was handed a marvellous prize when this world's equivalent of WWI (even longer and bloodier than OTL, with the French and the American states largely staying out) led to revolution breaking out all over Europe. The Union of European Socialists is still a major power, although it has mellowed substantially (if not as much as the Siberians).

The French-Iberian split has been an ugly one.

Europe has seen a couple of bloody Red-on-White dustups: the remainder of Germany and Italy were only saved from being overrun in '37 by the Poles and their allies (an alliance initially created more to keep off the Czarist Russians and the Germans than the Reds). The Germans are still rather annoyed at the whole thing.

India and much of the rest of the Colonized world gained it's independence a generation or more earlier than OTL: what was left was lost during the bloody (and simultaneous) African and Japanese wars. With the bulk of English North America uninterested in fighting Japan, a Siberia barely able to keep Russia at bay rather than a mighty USSR, an in-turned Europe, and the American Union at the time relatively weaker than the US in WWII OTL, the Japanese managed to get away with overruning China, although kicked out of Burma (they had been picking up colonial pelf for a while by being allied to the right people at the right time)

The Ottomans also did well, although the infection of racial ethnic ideas helped convert it into a near Holy Roman-esque federation nowadays.

It's a multi-polar world. The American Union is not much more populous than the OTL region - while there have been a lot more immigrants than in our world, demographic transition, due to greater prosperity, came rather earlier. It is Japan which is considered the world's most powerful state, although if the North American anglophone states are put into the AU column the matchup looks more pro-American. (New England is generally placed number six in international throw-weight, right after Brazil).

For some time, the situation was basically the American Union and its allies plus India and its vs the Empre of Japan: things have shifted lately as an increasingly right-nationalist Brazil (a more substantial power than in Our Timeline) has been moving towards Japan, but things are hardly all roses in the Japanese Empire, where after decades of evolution the rebel groups are smarted and more lethal than ever. Meanwhile, a more powerful European block (the "Berlin-Warsaw axis") has become increasingly interested in global affairs as the Red Menace has receded some.

The possible reemergence of Russia as a Pacific power worries the Japanese: the Siberians have gone the Dengist way and are only vaguely lefty nowadays, and a revived Russian identity amog the majority has paved the way for reunion talks with European Russia, although the Siberians want a federal arrangement looser than the Kingdom is comfortable with. The UES retains a more revolutionary sensibility, but has in fact pursued a policy of "peaceful cooexistence" since the late 60s and is ever more dominated by its vast bureaucracies.

Leftism of the "hard" type is largely out of fashion, and in any event the biggest threat, Japan, is more *fascistic than *communistic. There are far too many nuclear weapons around this world: on the other hand, it is generally wealthier than OTL.
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Kraut007 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
Way more interesting than the usual stuff with two or three global powers. 
labo77 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Student Photographer
No İslamic Union ! Turks&İslam Union
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011
Roughly on a par: Poland is somewhat larger than Germany in population, but Germany is still somewhat richer. Poland is perhaps more influential internationally, Germans being regarded as "those stupid dicks that nearly collapsed the Capitalist world."
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
So I guess Poland's more powerful than Germany here right?
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011
Oh, BTW, I should have a map for you from the "displaced world" scenario sometime in the next few days.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011
That was a little out of the blue. But thanks! :D
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