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Fewer Countries to Memorize by QuantumBranching Fewer Countries to Memorize by QuantumBranching
A fairly light-weight one, a somewhat last minute map contest entry.

Post WWI, neither Stalin nor Hitler live the full, rich lives they did OTL, but drama still ensues. The second Polish-Soviet war expands into a major conflict when Germany (under a more conventional right-wing non-democratic regime than the Nazis) sees this as an opportunity to expand eastwards. The US is not available to help out, a mix of poor response to the *Great Depression combined with an American off-brand of fascism leading to a situation where by the mid-1940s there are no less than three "legitimate governments" in place. 

An armistice based on limits of logistics, money, and troops is finally reached in Europe, leaving the USSR in a favorable position. Fearing the likely outcome of a Round Two, France and its allies move to a strong federalism on the basis of "hang together or be hung separately." Britain tries to go it alone on the basis of it's empire, helped by the Canadians don't want anything to do with the mess ongoing to the south and the Australians being decidedly worried about the Japanese. There has been some talk over the years over merging democratic Europe and the federal Empire in some sort of giant union of democracies, but the whole "learn a second language" thing sort of spooks the British.
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InfernoMole Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016
How bad is USSR?
springa73 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016
A very interesting scenario - I've always been fascinated by scenarios where WWII is started by the USSR in the absence of a Nazi Germany.

Is the USA a lot poorer than in OTL, or did it bounce back economically after it stabilized politically?
GDSPatheII Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2017
looks it bounced back probably at the very least strong enough to hold a sphere of influence in the Carribean and Central America probably part of a first among equals type of deal in the AfD
paireon Featured By Owner Edited Mar 25, 2016
Huh, not sure what the deal is with Morocco. I don't see it in the color key. In any case, I would NOT want to be Czechoslovak in this timeline, although better that than Korean, I guess (I like kimchi, but not nearly enough to put up with orwellian nastiness). And as for Québec, well given the fact that we were gypped not just the Labrador interior but ALSO our James-Hudson-Ungava Bay territories, then hell yeah we should leave the empire! Besides, it's trading between democraties of the same bloc, not as if we went red (I'm a left-leaning guy, but not THAT left) or black (Yyyyyyeeeaaaaaahhh nope. I just can't stand fascism of any kind).
grisador Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
Finally! A glorious althistory ! :nod:
Eheucaius17 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016
Can you make a scenario where all of the 2016 presidential candidates become the dictators of different countries and start WWIII.
MrSandwichMan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
Do you take commissions?

The whole Communist vs. Democracy vs Fascist blocks reminds me a bit of Democracy's Last Stand, only less bleak and destructive, its a great AAR Report for Hearts of Iron 2.
Ninuden Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
What's the deal with 42? It's on the map but there's no blurb for it.
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
Oops. Fixed.
Three-way power struggle? Now that's interesting.

Just so we're clear, the US has stabilized now, right?
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
Tuskin38 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
Switzerland isn't Neutral?!
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