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Just a wee drabble. Having run into the tie-in Manga for Cloverfield, I felt like doing something a bit different in format...

"A Japanese naval submarine…off Coney Island?"
"Maybe they're also after what we've been looking for."
"But if what fell into the sea was a Japanese satellite or rocket, why would they keep it a secret?"
"Perhaps it has a radioactive power source. It would be an embarrassment to drop such a thing on an ally's beachfront property."
"In any event, Admiral, step up the search. See if we can get some sort of answer from the Japanese government – the ambassador claims he knows nothing."


"Wait…I can see something now."
"It's…a smooth surface, curving down towards the ocean floor. It extends as far as the sub's lights will reach in every direction. It has an organic, greasy look to it."
"Sonar cannot distinguish between this and the ocean floor rise Clover was heading for. We're going over it…it seems to be all one thing"
"What do I mean? The "hill" is not a hill. God only knows what it is…it looks in the lights like an enormous mass of grayish gelatin, party translucent. It seems to go on for a mile or more…"
"There's a shadow…a shadow in the substance…my God, it looks like…"


"No chance of an error. The wreckage has been quite carefully examined, and it is most definitely the Japanese comet probe."
"Do you think this has anything to do with Cloverfield?"
"Well, the satellite did lie right along its seafloor crawl path, and it apparently paused there and moved around in circles for a while. And, of course, it also is something quite outside of our normal experience."
"Could you be a bit clearer, young man?"
"Well, general, you can see it on the screen yourself – a complex crystalline shape, apparently a fragment broken off a larger structure, faintly luminous. It has an internal structure as complex as living tissue, while having a molecular structure unlike any form of material ever created on earth: it has thermal and chemical properties we are still in the process of working out. Its isotopic ratios are all wrong for any mix of elements found on earth, or for that matter for those samples we've brought back from the Moon. Oh, and that glow? We still don't know how it's generating it – it's not radioactivity, not phosphorescence, not a piezoelectric effect: as far as we can tell, it's coming from nowhere. If that thing originated anywhere on Earth, general, then I'm the queen of the sugarplum fairies."


"Wait a minute. You're telling me Manhattan was torn up by…an embryo?"
"Well, I suppose you could call it that. It might not have reached its developed form yet - which might explain some gross peculiarities of its anatomy…"
"How many of them are there in that 'egg-sack' thing?"
"It's not an egg sack, general. It's a complex structure, apparently rooted in the sea floor – surrounding and nurturing the individual pseudo-placenta in which…"
"Cut the lecture. How many?"
"We won't know for sure until we get some seismic meters to get a good view of the interior, but we're pretty sure there are at least seven more in there aside from the original…"
"Fucking Christ. General, get the biggest nuke you've got pointed at that thing, immediately. No, wait, it's under several thousand feet of water, isn't it? Well, aim it anyway, but also get the navy involved…"


"As you can see from the satellite photos, the devastation was incredible. And ability to absorb punishment was beyond expectations – it survived a heavy bombardment with fuel-air explosives, although it did seem to have driven it back into the sea. Clearly, Project Kaiju has all the potential we had hoped for."
"One minute! The US government may have found the fallen satellite by now. Will they not put pressure on the government? We might be left to "take the fall" for this, you know."
"The government is quite aware of the importance of Project Kaiju to our future as a great power. They will admit nothing. What will the Americans do? Invade Japan? Accuse us in the UN of unleashing giant monsters on them? They have no meaningful proof of anything."


"We've only identified a few of the bodies as Japanese nationals…"
"They're all east Asians, aren't they? Presumably they're all Japanese: goddamn it – get the Japanese prime minister on the phone, Parker."
"What are you going to say to him, Mr. President?"
"I intend to go all Nixonian Raving Madman on him until he coughs something up, George. Ah – when did life turn into a bad science fiction movie, George? First New York gets ripped apart by a monster Giger would consider ridiculous, a fallen Japanese satellite containing a thingy from another world is fished up off Coney Island, and then a US scientific facility is attacked by a band of heavily armed suicidal Japanese cultists trying to retrieve it. This is not doing my blood pressure any good – not to mention that if I don't come up with a monster head on a stick soon, the Democrats are going to trounce us in the election. [1] Just how many of those things do they estimate now they have down there, McManus?"
"Fourteen, Mr. President."
"Parker – along with the prime minister, get me my pills."


"Your name is?"
"Dr. Hiraku Aiba. I am, or rather now was, a senior researcher for the Taguruato Corporate Group"
"And why have you contacted us?"
"I have decided you need to know the truth about what happened in New York – and the Kaiju project – before anyone does something monumentally stupid."


"Ok, what am I looking at?"
"This is a picture taken half a mile from CLOVERNEST. It shows a stone slab, rectangular, about one hundred by one hundred fifty meters. If you will look closely, in those few patches clear of silt, you can see what appears to be some form of writing cut two feet deep into the surface…"


"We found the first one – what do I mean? Later, later. We found the first one on an experimental deep-drilling mission in the west Pacific – we weren't expecting to find anything, much less an oily grey goop with chemical properties unlike anything we'd seen before clogging the pipes. It was a while before we grasped what we had found…"
"We had to go to the government, in the end. This was beyond the resources of even one of Japan's largest holding corporations, and it was beginning to badly impact the bottom line. And who besides a government was likely to want a giant monster of its own, while still being able to pay for it? Terrorists, after all, rarely have trillions of Yen…which would be billions of dollars, to throw around."
"Why, to _control_ them, of course. They've been making animals do things by sticking wires into their heads for a while – my superiors were of the opinion it shouldn't be that hard to scale things up, so to speak."


"It translates as the cult of the monster-God. They popped up in Japan a few years ago – as whacky as Japan is, nobody paid much attention. They talk about some terrible penance that will arrive before long, monsters arising from the depth to "cleanse" the world of its corruptions – translate, 99% or so of the human race – all rather Lovecraftian."
"They seem to have had a serious spike in activity a few months ago – as if they saw something coming."
"Sounds like they might know what they're talking about. General, get in touch with Special Forces, the CIA, whatever, and see if we can get ahold of any of them alive. Any news on that…message that they found?"
"The Navy is still clearing silt – working conditions at that depth are pretty horrendous – and the writing – if that's what it is – resembles no known writing system. But we've found something rather suggestive, given previous events – there's what looks like an orbital diagram carved into it. A cometary orbit."


"Yes, a power drink. It turns out that one of the components of the "growth matrix", in small quantities, makes for a remarkably effective stimulant and produces a sense of exhilaration. The penny-pinchers in the Diet were trying to avoid paying us anything above the operating costs: the Old Man – the CEO, that is - felt we were entitled to a small profit, and in fact it sells very well."
"I don't know where the Old Man got 'Slusho' from. He was an odd one – he also named the "Kaiju Project." You know what a Kaiju is? No? 1950s movie monsters in Japan – really silly stuff, actors in cheap rubber suits knocking over model buildings, but popular enough at the time. You ever see Gojira? I don't know if it ever got released in the US – anyway, he was a fan as a young man…"


"Welcome to the Monster Shop, Hiro. I'll be showing you around the main floor here."
"Yes, that's it. You can't see more than the top of the head coming out of the "slush" – but it does in fact fill the whole pool. Big enough for you?"
"No, it won't wake up as long as we keep pumping fresh "slush" in. The tanker comes in monthly…oh? No, we can't anaesthetize it – its chemistry is too alien. But it is a sound sleeper. We did lose Chuai Station during one of the earlier stages of experimentation – a little too eager to drill a hole right into another one's brain – but as long as we take it slow, we can cut all sorts of holes into it without disturbing it at all."
"Not much harder than cutting through steel. They've got some real pretty toys here – see that under the ceiling? Heavy-duty industrial laser, my man. We got into the central nervous system a while ago, and they've pretty much killed off its higher brain functions by now – we think."
"If it does wake up or we try to "puppet" it and it turns out to be, shall we say, unresponsive? Well, that's what the five hundred tons of high explosives are for. Things go entirely out of control, the monitoring team in Tokyo flips a switch, and the whole mountain comes down on top of the critter."
"Well, sure, we all die too, but really, Hiro, if you're going to be working in the Monster Shop, you really need to look on the bright side. For instance, free Slusho!"


"Chemical traces in the water. Yes, hard to detect at any distance – but over the last eighteen years we've managed to find three other growth matrices at various depths of the ocean, none above five thousand feet."
"Total? Frankly, we have no idea – much of the ocean is simply too deep and remote to spend the time and effort to search. There could be dozens – or hundreds."


"Latest reports, Mr. President. It seems that the new platform at the former Chuai station, whatever it is pumping, it is not oil."
"And the Japanese prime mister? Still refusing to take my calls?"
"Supposedly he is still "indisposed."
"Ok. They want to fuck with us? Ok. Get me the Secretary of the Navy. We're going to put some heavy metal to sea and go preemptive on their asses."
"But Mr. President, we don't know Chuai station is actually part of this. Yes, the circumstances of its destruction were suspicious, but we can't be sure…"
"They've been stalling us for weeks, Parker. At least this should guarantee some sort of reaction."


"The cult started out as a kind of joke, really. It only slowly became serious as we found out more about those things – messages carved in giant letters in five million ton slabs of rock, biological insanity – do you know that the "Kaiju" incorporate some human DNA – among other things?"
"They had protection: one of the higher-ups in the government was a convert. Or perhaps he saw them as another lever to use against Taguruaro: the Old Man was always too independent minded."
"Power struggles. Government, the company, the cultists. My wife was a cultist, you know? Frankly, I think she just was in it for the…what is the American? The Lulz? It still killed her in the end."
"It wasn't until we got the pictures back from the comet – some eighteen months ago now – that the cultists went entirely batshit."


"We have failed to obtain the Flesh of God: we cannot awaken them."
"There are other ways, my brethren. Perhaps this is not the appointed time, but we cannot stand idly by if the arrogant fools in America try to destroy the Children: they cannot ultimately succeed, but if they were to slay some of them, the punishment would fall on all mankind."


"Apparently, General, he managed to get on a flight to the US on a false ID: he is probably in US government hands by now."
"Shit on a stick. Any possibility of an extraction?"
"We currently are in the dark to his location. In any event, we can assume that if Project Kaiju is not fatally compromised, it soon will be."
"Compromised? This is our baby – the Americans aren't taking it away from us."
"The Prime Minister thinks…"
"Fuck the Prime Minister. I've seen my country going steadily downhill since the early 90s, and I am not going to stand by while the government bends over for the Americans, and the new head of Taguruato is in agreement with me…"


"We've had a top-level informer for that long, and I wasn't notified? Last I noticed, I'm the god-dammed President!!"
"I know, sir, but intelligence had to confirm some of what he had to say – it's really pretty unbelievable…"


"Comet Meer – yes, we also came to that conclusion. And the probe designed to take a sample from one comet was "lost in space" and redirected."
"….I don't have the video for that. All I can do is tell you what I saw…"
"….A nightmare. Nothing that should exist in a sane world. Miles long. Withered like a leaf, an ancient mummy, wrapped around the core of a comet. Covered with a fuzzy shroud of glowing sickly green, like fungus on a corpse…"
"….The cultists claim it moved. I looked at the pictures, afterward. Was its head not in the same position as in the earlier shots? I cannot be sure. What will we see when the Comet returns in another hundred years? Will the Kaiju emerge from their cocoons at last? What will they be by then? What will we be by then?"


[1] No, not George Bush. Butterflies!
There was a spin-off Manga as part of the merchandising for Cloverfield, which gave me some ideas, enough for a doodle...

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Eluxivo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
makes me wonder what would you do for an evangelion scenario.

so the japanese are planning to unleash an army of minithulhu´s to wipe out like 80% of humanity and then rule whaterever is left?
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Nah, more like reestablish the Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere while telling the Chinese and the Americans where they can get off. The cultists, on the other hand...
LastRagnarok Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
*Should be "Reminds me of..."*
LastRagnarok Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Reminds of evangelion with the whole human dna thing.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
So basically, it's a conspiracy orchestrated by Japanese cultists and Tokyo? :?
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
A major corporation and the Japanese government, or elements within it - the cultists are more of a breakaway group with their own wacky agenda.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
I guess there've been stranger things happening.
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