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Sung Survive by QuantumBranching Sung Survive by QuantumBranching
The Sung/Song, through cut-and-try methodology and good record-keeping manage to develop steam-powered machinery and organized mass production in time to stave off the Mongol invasion (still takes decades and leaves them very mongol-phobic), but don't really develop an organized scientific method and scientific world-view for some centuries after (the sheer variety of intellectual speculation in the Four Oceans era sometimes threatens to drownd science in a sea of brilliant but technologically useless philosophies.

As of 1702, theoretical science has managed to get roughly where it was OTL in the 1930s. Technology is an odd mix, with some aspects of mechanical engineering being ahead of OTL 1930s after centuries of practice (the Chinese states are good at deep oil boring and mining, even at depths where the workers must wear a form of spacesuit due to the heat), every river bigger than a trickle is dammed, solar furnaces are ominpresent and several states have put rockets in orbit.

After half a millenium of industrial development and the burning of coal and more lately oil, the piper has arrived to be paid: coal and oil are growing harder to extract, the climate has become unstable and drought-prone (OTLs Sahel and central Asia have been devastated) and an overpopulated homeland has broken into three regimes. Radical rebellion has broken out in many lands, and the neolegalists of the new Empire have plans to depopulate SE Asia to make room for Chinese settlers...

The Great Republic (not that it is called a republic: just the closest OTL equivalent to its political system) of Amo Ji Lia is less hard hit than other lands, a strong government, a varied climate, a relatively low population density and the world's most advanced science having combined to allow it to ride out the worst of it. The government struggles to combat the chaos that threatens to engulf All Under Heaven, and will ally with Yin He and Nan Si Jou and Nippon and the Northern Domain, and even the barbarian nations of Europe [1] in the forthcoming struggle against war, famine, tyranny, drought, resource depletion and religious fanaticism.

And in the Academy of 10 Thousand Wisdoms (near OTL San Francisco) Ho Wen has just realized what those Uranium atoms are doing...

[1] Europe had its own Chinese-stimulated industrial revolution in the 1500s, although they're currently lagging in modern science.
zalezsky Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
u got some good ideas going
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