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Red France by QuantumBranching Red France by QuantumBranching
A fairly random one: some inspiration drawn from an old Ray Speer post over at [link]-if

It's a world where an alternate Kaiser loved planes and automobiles but disliked ships (he was prone to seasickness) and was less prone to WTF statements: tensions between Germany and the UK were much lessened, and when an alt-WWI came along, the Brits stayed neutral and negotiated a peace favorable to the Germans.

Red Revolution came to France rather than Russia, and thanks to an early French lead in the investigation of the curious properies of uranium, was able to make the spread of Red Revolution to Iberia and most of Frances' remaining colonies a fait accompli. The flame of revolution spread to the rest of the colonized world.

Nowadays, the Great Era of Revolution is largely over, as the Latin People's Union has been forced to move away from orthodox communist economics to a more functional sort of state-capitalism, and has largely given up on the world-revolution thing (although they still hold out hopes for planetary ecological disaster). Only in Gueveraite Argentina and Naxalite south India does the pure flame yet burn.

The US never fought a war with Spain, and Cuba and Puerto Rico house the Spanish government-in-exile, a sort of Iberian Taiwan. (The Phillipines managed to break away from Spain on their own a few years later than OTLs Spanish-American war, and later were quite good buddies with the Empire of Japan until its unfortunate accident). The US has been less involved in the Pacific in general: Hawaii ended up a British protectorate, and its very mixed Asian, British, and Polynesian population nowadays constitute an independent republic.

Russia is nowadays a constitutional monarchy, about as rich as Our Time-Line's South Korea. It is a major manufacturing and exporting nation, and has close ties to the northern Chinese and the Koreans.

The US is a somewhat more conservative nation than our US (by which I do not mean tea-bagger-Palinite-wingnut conservative, more the old-fashioned sort): on the downside, "states rights" prevailed rather longer (in some southern states, segregation did not end until the 1990s), but on the upside a more rational debate means the US has had national healthcare since the 1970s, and reality TV never caught on. The US has long been actively involved in the Struggle Vs Communism, most often in partnership with the UK, which by avoiding two world wars managed to muster the energy to create a closer Federation centered on the "White Commonwealth."

The US has not enjoyed any ventures as ghastly as Vietnam in our world, but it has been involved in several third-world military efforts to stamp out Red Badness, with varying levels of success (Nigeria was sort of a clusterfuck, and the occupation of Hawaii was a long one, but they have so far managed to prevent Communism from spreading in the New World beyond Argentina: a suspicious Nicaraguan government was toppled by US marines only last year, and order has not yet been fully established).

The Latin Union is a fairly nasty dictatorship, but it's racially quite egalitarian: of the 129 million inhabitants of its European territories, some 12% are of African or other third-world descent.

Decolonization was more drawn out and even messier than OTL: India broke up, Nigeria did the same as a result of the US/UK intervention, and it is estimated that the Germans killed off 1 in 7 Tanganykans before they threw in the towel and withdrew their settlers. As a result of the rather complicated events following the Portuguese revolution, Angola ended up as part of Brazil: with it's already huge black and mixed population, Brazil had less trouble than other countries in assimilating its new overseas departments.

Feeling their oats after the British left, the Egyptians managed to create an united republic with the Sudan, and began stirring up trouble in Italian Libya (pretty assimilated into the never-Fascist kingdom of Italy nowadays) and the Ottoman Arab provinces, a process with ended in the Egyptian-Turkish nuclear exchange of '89, several million deaths, the partial crumbling of both states, and the emergence of the Community of Allah. (The Ottomans had squashed the Saudis rather thoroughly, but pushing religion underground ofen just makes it wackier. The Community is roughly on a par with OTLs Taliban when it comes to the wacky, although they are in favor of education for women, television, and science (especially those sciences involving things that go boom.))

Japan, after stumbling into a war with the UK, Russia and the Netherlands in the 40s, going through a Red revolution, and then a conservative counterrevolution, still hasn't recovered enough to be considered a first-rate power, although apocalyptic Buddhism is on the wane and political assassinations have largely ceased. Reunification talks between capitalist North China and the socialist (in their own special way) south are currently stalled.
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eclipse-paladin Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010
Wow universal health care, pre-Reagan republicans, and no reality tv? This world's US doesn't sound like to bad a place to live.
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
Well, for all my fondness for maps of dystopias, I've often felt we're on the "suck" side of the curve of probability. I mean, getting Stalin and Hitler in power _simulataneously_? We really rolled snake-eyes post WWI...

eclipse-paladin Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
Well we have the Treaty of Versailles to thank for that stroke of luck. It's a shame if the treaty hadn't been so harsh WWI might have been the war to end all wars, at least wars of that scale.
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
Of course, then we still might have had a Soviet Union vs the Capitalists war some time later, if atomic bombs don't come along in time to discourage people...
eclipse-paladin Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
Good point, Stalin was easily as much of a nutcase as Hitler. Strip away the rhetoric and they were at a basic level the same person.
Imuildaeren Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010
As also ways fantastic maps and alternative history.
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