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Peshawar Lancers by QuantumBranching Peshawar Lancers by QuantumBranching
A map based on S. Stirling's "Peshawar Lancers", where the northern hemisphere is most severely PWNd by meteor impact in the 1870s, and the Brits flee to India. This is the world at the time of the story (2025).

The Brazilian-Argentine empire is a bit thin on the ground in places, especially in the far north, areas swept clean by the tidal waves and only much later resettled. Tibet is claimed by both Nippon and the Empire, but both sides are generally happy to leave it as a mostly uninhabited buffer, although that will change if the Russians appear to be moving in. The Caliphate claims all of the Ottomans Empire's old territory in Europe, and the French "Latin Europe", although the Caliphate has some settlements in S. Italy which will be, shall we say, discussed in the next round of wars. Russian claims, which include all of the old empire of the Czars, are not shown because nobody else pays attention, the Russians being a buch of devil-worshipping cannibals and all.

The one thing I changed from the book is France: there is a comment about the French gaining control over all of Mediterranean France soon, but I simply can't believe that the French don't sail back accross the Med as soon as the weather improves. As it is, my showing them as controlling only a "central corridor" of territory probably understates the degree of resettlement by 2025.
ArthurDrakoni Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
Did you know they use this map in the Wikipedia article on the series?
AmongTheSatanic Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Loved that novel. Find the concept very interesting, and all the variables mean we could really build anything we want :P
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