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Peasants Germany by QuantumBranching Peasants Germany by QuantumBranching
A world where the German "Peasants War" of 1524-1526 went rather 1600, the Federation has held its own in three major wars, and with the aid of the Ottomans and the distraction of the Dutch has driven the Habsburgs from Austria and Bohemia, and opened a land corridor to the Netherlands allowing for effective pooling of forces. A side effect of the survival of the Federation is the breakup of the Swiss Confederation, with the "old core" Catholic states remaining seperate, although neutral in the wars between Spain and its allies and puppets vs the German Christian Federation.

"Christian"? The Federation is mostly protestant. What _kind_ of Protestant, is another matter. As well as Calvinists, Zwinglians, etc. and even some Lutherans (he still has his apologists for all the Bad Things he said about the peasant rebels), there are offshoots of Protestantism that do not exist in our world. Most of the peasant-dominated districts follow a sort of moderate Lutheranism-offshoot which downplays the pre-destination bit and looks a bit like Catholicism with no pope and elective priests, while more "hardline" versions of Protestantism are growing more popular in the cities. 

Although so far the Federation has held together out of hostility to Church and emperor, some worry that the internal contradictions of the Federation, with its divisions between city and country, moderate and extremist Protestantism, German and Czech, not to mention the conflict between the centralizing government, the rich and powerful men of the Grand Council, and autonomy-minded local governments, will eventually break it apart. Much depends on how the current religious turbulence in England will play out, and whether the results will be a new enemy or a new ally...

(Given three quarters of a century of butterflies, the religious and political situation in England is rather different from OTL 1600).
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Todyo1798 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Now this is the sort of thing I'd like to see in Europa.  They have Peasants Wars as random events but I've never actually seen them do anything beyond random countries getting some minor hits for disruption.

So what will happen when the Federation breaks up?  Thirty Years War style slaughter across central Germany I presume.  I wouldn't mind seeing the French making a bid for the HREship, or an equivalent that they form themselves, and Bourbons fighting Ottomans in the Alps would rock pretty hard.

Also English trouble, did Lizzy have a kid?  Either way the gobshites are going to be fighting over Catholic-Protestant monarchs for a while in any world where Henry converted them.  Though without Scotland it would be interesting to see a Catholic English monarch make full use of the military force which can be gathered in Ireland around this time.  Charles attempted something similar when Parliament wouldn't agree to fund his campaigns against the Scots with the English army, so he simply got his Irish government to recruit 12,000 men which he could use to bully England into using the English army against his rebelling Scottish army.  The War of the Three Kingdoms was a tonne of fun.
Deodand2014 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014
Good stuff! I'd love to see a map showing the state of England in this universe
Kraut007 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 22, 2014
I tip my hat to you. 
The Peasants War is a very underestimated chapter of German history, which could have changed the history of Europe.
With the German core territories breaking away, the Habsburg Empire in Central Europe gets pretty splintered.
Emperor Charles V was known for the phrase: "I speak Spanish to God; Italian  with my paramour; French with my friends and German with my horse."  Well, in this AU there are obviously no German horses (and soldiers) to keep the Ottomans away from Vienna, which means even more problems for Charlie and his heirs. 
I like the idea of this Czech-Dutch-German alliance against emperor and pope. The seeds of true freedom in Europe or the begin of a new theocratic nightmare? Only time will tell.
demonkangaroo Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
I was actually thinking about a scenario like this, but with the Münster Uprising and nutty violent Anabaptists. (I like yours better) But anyway, in this scenario, what happened to all of the Catholics in the Federated States?
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July 20, 2014
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