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Mumby's Broken America by QuantumBranching Mumby's Broken America by QuantumBranching
Did a map for this little scenario by Bob Mumby ( )

"Inspired by rvbomalley to write a rationalised version of a game of Risk (with a board I made) a few years ago.

The year is 1920. North America is still recovering from the last war. Carolina is a ruin, having lost Mexico, which is now independent, and Georgia was ravaged. A great deal of the West has fallen into banditry and lawlessness. Pockets of Carolinian and New Yorker troops now act as warlords, centred around forts, and continue to fight the war, all the while struggling against the Siouxan Revivalists. The old colonial powers, long relegated to the fringes of the continent are paying a great deal of interest once more. New England is bitter, plotting to return to Boston from Montreal but otherwise stable. Virginia is as usual, neutral, prosperous but paranoid and far smaller than the other Anglo-American states.

This is a world in which the United States broke up at birth. The various Thirteen Colonies went their own way, and by 1800 the country had emerged into four stable states. In the South was the Federation of Carolina, and aristocratic state of the Planters and for the Planters but the internal rivalries between the First Three States was high and forced a relatively weak confederal system. North of that was the Kingdom of Virginia, which while it institutionalised its aristocracy, proved more egalitarian by defining what power aristocrats actually had. Slavery slowly died out here, and when the Slave Wars broke out in the 1860s, Virginia emerged largely unscathed, while Carolina came out badly bruised and with the unpleasant sheen of nationalism which led to the wars of the 1900s to 1910s. Then we come to New York. In a series of conflicts they managed to annex the other Midatlantic states and became a major antagonist of New England.

Over the course of the 19th century, most of the new countries expanded. Virginia halted at the Mississippi and gently dipped her toes in the Great Lakes. The main thread of Virginian politics of neutrality, splendid isolation and internal improvement proceeded from here on out, only to be broken in the 1890s under the De Montfort Administration. New York, hemmed in by Virginia and the militaristic New England set out overseas, eventually managing to pry Cuba off the Spanish and this became the centre of future conflict with Carolina. New England on the other hand, went to war with Great Britain during the Napoleonic Wars, and receiving aid from France, conquered most of Canada, with Britain retaining only British Columbia and parts of the Plains, as well as the Northwest Territories. Carolina helped out New England in that war, and purchased Louisiana from the French. Carolina became the most expansionistic of the states, and the friendship between Carolina and New England led to the growing tensions between Carolina and New York.

In the latter 19th century, the various nations pursued colonies overseas, with Virginia under Isaiah De Montfort managing to nab some chunks of Africa. Meanwhile, Carolina had conquered Mexico and Central America, and taken half of British Columbia. War was coming.

The New Yorker-Carolinian War was cataclysmic. New York attacked Carolina by diving first into Florida and Georga and then launching an invasion of Mexico. New Yorker troops, seasoned by wars in the colonies of Africa and Asia proved far superior to the backwards tactics of the Carolinians who had long relied on better technology and the poor organisation of the Latin Americans. At the height of the war, Carolina was quaking behind the Mississippi though managing to hold off the New Yorkers for now. A valiant Carolinian detachment in Oregon managed to hold off the invaders as well. It was New Englander entry into the war which stopped New York from breaking apart the Federation and winning an empire. New York managed to take control of southern New England but not before New York had been put to the torch. The Carolinians fought back and took back Texas and New Mexico. New York sought terms, and the negotiations were mediated by Russia.

New York directly annexed southern New England and Florida as well as confiscating the few Carolinian colonies. New England retained her colonies but they had to move the capitol to the more central Montreal. Carolina was forced to recognise the independence of Mexico and was allowed to retain Central America. Anything west of New Mexico was also recognised as independent. State building went badly in these independent regions and the Siouxan Revivalists prevented an adequate evacuation of New Yorker troops who became tied up defending settlers in the Ozark and Rocky Mountains. Similarly the Carolinian troops in Oregon refused to leave and set up their own republic. California became something of a mess, with New Yorker and Mexican warlords and many vying immigrant groups adding to the pot."
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grisador Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015
''' What's left of 'merica ''' ----> would be a better name
Kraut007 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 29, 2014
Now that´s an interesting take from the usual "US breaks up" scenarios.
So the US were never formed here?
Especially your ideas of divided California;  independent Oregon, Rio Grande, Ozark and Saskatchewan as well the Navajo, Sioux and "Indian" Territories are pretty creative. 
Way different from the usual tropes of independent California/Cascadia, Quebec,  Texas, Louisiana or Southern Confederation states. 
Laputa-Scorefinger Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
What's the Virginian royal house? Washington? Some branch from Europe?
WatcherInThePuddle Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome read, really enjoyable
Jpislanublar Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
i would be interested in seeing your risk board
BobMumby Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
I have dug out the board I made. I made the board for an experiment, and I played with my brother, dad and grandad. It had additional rules in that I had event sheets which activated conflicts with the British and Mexicans and others. It also activated slave rebellions and native insurrections, and towards the end of the game, it was all going to hell in a handbasket.
Twiggierjet Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
That page in the description appears to be blocked.
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Damn. I forgot ASB is not open to general viewers. OK, I'll have to go with the long-winded bit.
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