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Mitteleuropa by Goliath by QuantumBranching Mitteleuropa by Goliath by QuantumBranching
This one is based off of Goliath's "Mitteleuropa" scenario here:…

In this world Hitler dies in 1935 in a tragic strudel-related accident, and after all the backstabbing and deal-making and sudden mysterious illnesses are over, Germany ends up with a more moderate (less likely to start a Europe-wide war, anyway) regime. Central Europe Vs the Soviet Union still happens, later than OTL and with Germany managing to get Poland on board (Soviet efforts to detach Ukrainian Poland helped), and the Soviets, with some extra time to build up their arsenal, kick some serious ass, and are only prevented from rolling all the way to Berlin by British and French threats of intervention, with some US threatening finger-wagging. A Cold War of sorts gets under way, but with atomic missile flight times between German and Soviet soil in minutes, central Europe opts out of the conflict in the 60s, much to the annoyance of the British, French and Americans, although in time France and England come to appreciate the existence of the Mitteleuropean Union as a neutral buffer between them and the USSR.

The British and French Empires last a bit longer, but those Winds of Change are unavoidable, especially once the Soviet Union begins to huff and puff. Reds take control in many former colonies (the Italian empire in east Africa goes down really ugly after the collapse of the fascist regime back home). With lower levels of German persecution and no Holocaust, the Jewish population of Palestine never reached "critical mass" and in the end a Zionist effort to carve out a state was unsuccessful and about half the Jewish population emigrated willingly or with guns at their backs.

There is a third major player in the global power stakes: Japan was constrained by the international situation from going a' conquering as OTL, and things eventually failed to pan out in China, but managed to reinvent themselves as a "anti-colonial" power and managed to bring most of post-colonial non-Chinese east Asia into it's sphere of influence. As OTL, India took a turn to the right, but earlier, with Soviet efforts to bring Tibet and Bangladesh into the "Communist Community" rather alienating New Delhi, and by the 80s was a firm Japanese ally. 

Today the US is as OTL the richest and most powerful nation on earth, but not by as large a margin, and is rather more challenged, with Japan and the USSR remaining major players (and atom-armed Japan being more than just an economic giant). It's a more socially conservative and racist society than OTL, and it's relations with it's Chinese ally are strained by a strong "yellow peril" element in popular culture. (Admittedly not as bad as in Australia, where they've been expecting brown and yellow hordes descending from the north since the 1920s). A long-delayed anti-establishment, free-love, pot-smoking, etc. cultural revolution is currently wracking the nation, with a broader spectrum of support than OTL's 1960s counterculture in a society tired of decades of conformity enforced by the need to Stay United Vs the Outside Menace. 

The Soviets, after the May '76 Reforms and the Defeat of the Counterrevolution, is a rather more egalitarian society than OTL's late USSR: gender equality is largely achieved, and personal ID no longer mention ethnicity: on the other hand _keeping_ it that way means that it is also a more oppressive society in some ways, if in the sense of everyone spying on everyone else and compulsive social micro-management rather than full gulags. The System struggles on, battling flagging commitment among third-world allies and rebellion in the middle eastern puppets, and trying to create a genuinely planned computerized economy as stock market whoopsies, resource shortages and global warming keep the hope alive that the Capitalists will yet be caught with their pants down. 

Japan, which has directly absorbed Taiwan, plus missing out on WWII, a later demographic transition, and more immigrants from it's Asian sphere of influence (who however are usually in eternal legal limbo, citizenship-wise) has over 175 million inhabitants, and is still a growing economy, if a bit strained in keeping up with the Joneses. Currently it is becoming increasingly clear that if they want to keep the GEACPS together, they'll have to make it a fully voluntary thing: their ability to keep their allies in line through economic and political pressures is decreasing as SE Asian societies grow richer and better educated, and with over half a billion people involved, more brutally direct methods would be prohibitively expensive over the long run. Things look set for another round of assassinations of government ministers.

The 230-odd million Mitteleuropans are prosperous and a bit smug, if always a bit nervous about the USSR to the east, friendly neutrality or not. The Poles remain a bit grouchy about being "inveigled" into the anti-Soviet war and losing so much territory (the "binational" status of the Corridor, established when the Soviets were still sitting in Warsaw, remains another sore spot).

Technology is a bit ahead of OTL, and a three-way space race has put bases on the Moon, although nobody has reached Mars yet, and security concerns means the local equivalent of the Internet is much less developed. Genetic engineering is more advanced, and both Japan and the USSR have secretly been trying to create a superior breed of Proletariat Man/Yamato Man. The US special forces are very proud of their new meta-materials "cloak of invisibility", although admittedly it doesn't do much good with dogs.
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Goliath-Maps Featured By Owner May 30, 2014 incredibly awesome! I think a lot of the changes were for the better.
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
Thanks! Glad you like it.
WatcherInThePuddle Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This world actually seems rather better than our own for once. 
Zeldanerd7789 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"In this world Hitler dies in 1935 in a tragic strudel-related accident"

Ach mein Gott, that's hilarious
rukiosu Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Aw, this seems like such a sad world to live in
wilji1090 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to laugh at the strudel incident. It reminds me of how many jokes there were about President Bush nearly choking on a pretzel.
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