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Khazar World by QuantumBranching Khazar World by QuantumBranching
Khazar – a world in which, thanks to some early victories over the Caliphate and the conversion of a very successful Turkish Khan to Judaism, the Khazar Khanate survived and indeed eventually expanded. It persists to this day, along with the also Jewish and closely allied Kwarziam in central Asia and Siberia. The religious picture is rather different, with the Roman Consortium (a democratic successor to the Byzantine Empire) ruling Anatolia and the Levant, Shi’a Persia and North Africa (Sunni Islam is in this world very much the lesser branch of Islam), the Yucatan and central America following an odd mix of Judaism and native faiths, Catholic Mediterranean Europe and roughly half of S. America (including a surviving Inca state), a “Anglican” Britain, and Central Europe following the “North Roman” Church, along with much of North America, Australia-NZ, and the other half of S. America. This is further complicated by the tolerant nature of the modern Roman/Greek and Khazar states, which include large Islamic minorities legally equal to the majority faith. (This world has the odd concept of the 'Seljuk Greek' ) There are large Jewish minorities in China and SE Asia, and Korea is running about 40% Jewish nowadays.

The Horn of Africa is mostly Orthodox, and Egypt is mostly Shi’a Muslim, with a soupcon of Jews. Egypt has been ruled by a clerical regime ala Iran for almost a century and a half, although it has mellowed over time. East Africa, colonized by the Persian Caliphate, is far more developed and Islamic than OTL, and richer (the Middle East is generally first-world in this TL, and East Africa is unto Persia as Mexico is unto the United States OTL). There are two Islamic states dividing Madagascar N/S, and several small-to-middling Slavic Orthodox states forming a buffer between the Khazars and the German New Empire (the Old Empire having been rather badly chewed up in the Pan-European War of the 1930s). The Omari Caliphate of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, East Arabia, etc., etc. nowadays has lost control over its African possessions, but their inhabitants still recognize the spiritual leadership of the Caliph. China is one of the three or four most important powers, and does not get along very well with the Kwarziam, with which it has very old border disputes in the Tarim Basin area. There is a largish Basque state spanning the Pyrenees, with colonies in what in our world would be Venezuela and the Guyanas. South Africa is Spanish-speaking, ethnically rather more mixed, and never had Apartheid: although many Africans only got the vote in the late 20th century, money has always whitened. Italy is squeezed between the neo-Byzantines to the east and the New North Roman Empire to the north (not to mention the French to the west). Wallachia is the southernmost 'Khazarized' nation, although currently it is more closely tied politically to the Byzantines.

The Jews are divided into three major sects, one of which is the Khazari/Kwarziam version, one which has only a Diaspora, mostly in the Islamic world (and is a bit peevish about it), and a third which although still widely distributed has a (chilly) homeland ( 'Nova Judea' ) in the Newfoundland area, which they purchased from the French in the late 19th century. The Khazars and the Kwarziam are probably the world’s most modern states, although with only about 249 million inhabitants between the two, they don’t really _dominate_ the globe. They don’t get along with the North Romans, which are anti-Semitic and rather resentful about the last war. India is politically fragmented – what with the North Romans temporarily conquering most of it, the Jews and the Muslims throwing them out, the French coming in…the place is a bit of a hodge-podge, although of late a free-trade zone covering almost all of the sub-continent has been established.

The world is divided into several loose blocks and alliances – the Khazars have long-standing friendly ties with the Caliphate and the Consortium (although the Caliphate is still a bit sniffy with the Consortium re the Holy Land) as do the French and the Incas and Spaniards – and is roughly as advanced technologically as our own world in the 1960s. A League of Nations-type organization, the Council of Nations, exists, and since the short but nasty nuclear war in North America between the Republic of New England and the Despotism of Bormanslandt CN forces have been helping maintain order and clean up the mess, and are providing a forum for some fairly impressive efforts to bring atom arsenals under control. Most important nations (Khazaria, the Caliphate, the Roman Consortium, the Incas and the French Union, Britain and its former colonies, the recovering Despotism) are on board, but the NNRE and the Chinese – currently under a Neo-Legalist regime – are making trouble.

There are some distinct cultural oddities –most buildings are generally made into two clearly separated halves, and there is a obsession with books and learning over rather more of the world than OTL – being a scholar is considered unmanly in very few countries.
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dsivis Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
This is a weird one, but seems fairly pleasant beyond North America. 
apocalipsis666 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
So, the Incas survive, but now they are catholic, that is interesting
Deltax10 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
What is Kwarziam? How are the Japanese holding up under their rule? Are the Mayans Jewish? What is Bormanslaut? Are the cyan states former North Roman Colonies? Are there non Jews in Kazaria?
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
1. Another major Turkic-Jewish power.
2. So-so. The Japanese have never been big on foreigners, and the Kwarziam don’t react well to nationalist terrorism: things are somewhat moderated by the fact that the divided, quarreling south Japanese states aren’t a particularly attractive alternative.
3. Yes, and they follow the Khazar version, mostly, although there is a lot of mixing with the older polytheist beliefs that would be frowned at north of the Black Sea.
4. Bormanslandt is a former North Roman (German-Dutch) colony under the rule of a form of authoritarian government not exactly like anything in our world: a bit like fascism, but less racist and more technocratic.
5. Mostly, although the north Brazil state used to be Mediterranean Catholic before the North Romans conquered it in a war with Spain and started persecutin’.
6. There are substantial Muslim and Christian minorities: the Khazars are fairly tolerant. (Although people do grumble about illegal immigrants from the poorer Russian states).
AmongTheSatanic Featured By Owner May 7, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Holy shit O_o
The-2nd-Philosopher Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
I wonder if Zionism will ever pick up in this world?
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
Well, a lot of elderly Jews move to Roman Jerusalem to spend their golden years, but the notion of carving a Jewish state out of the Palestinian provinces of the Roman Consortium would strike most Jews in this world as rather absurd...
ZemplinTemplar Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010
Interesting wank TL. What specific century or year does the map show ?
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
Unless specified in the comments, my maps are generally set in the present day, time since the big bang wise...
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