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Aeolus by QuantumBranching Aeolus by QuantumBranching
This one is Europe from "Aeolus", in "GURPS Alternate Earths II" - a world in which James II and Catholicism won in England - some 30-odd years after the story setting, and some five years after the collapse of the Russian Habsburg monarchy in the Second Republican War.

The first Republican War established the independence of Republican Alliance (later, the Confederation). The second one has brought about the collapse of the French and Russian monarchies, and expanded the Confederation's borders from the Rhine to the Dneiper.

Still, although Republicanism has triumphed in Europe, the future does not seem entirely rosy. The new Russian government, rather than clasping hands with the Confederation government in republican brotherhood, is grumbling about the loss of "their" territories and has a distubingly racist, anti-Semitic tone to it's pronouncements. The new French republic is not looking very stable, and accross the sea, the Puritan Commonwealth remains unfriendly to the mostly Catholic R. Confed, although currently too busy with it's efforts to open up East Asia and Africa to God and Free Trade (at gunpoint when needed) to pay much attention to European affairs...

(yes, the Holy Land is under joint Italian-Turkish protection. Neither the Sultan or the Pope wants to see the second holiest places in Islam and the holiest in Christendom under the control of either Shi'a heretics or the backward Islamic extremists who recently "cleansed" Egypt with fire and the sword.)


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October 24, 2009
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