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2000 from 1967, the first by QuantumBranching 2000 from 1967, the first by QuantumBranching
Some maps expanding on scenarios in Herman Kahn and Anthony J. Weiner’s “The Year 2000: a Framework for Speculation on the Next Thirty-Three Years”, published 1967.

In this world, the USSR got into a full-blown war with China, which grew into a hopeless effort to occupy N. China, which then bloomed into a massive revolt in Eastern Europe, which then led to…political difficulties at home. The current military dictatorship has managed to hold onto or recapture all parts of the old USSR, although Eastern Europe was lost and the towel was thrown in on China quite a while ago. The international scene is a bit tense: the Russian-nationalist, Communist Lite “Red-Brown” Russia, a Japan pissed at all the fallout it received, the expanded EC and the somewhat Christopathic US do not get along too well. The Russians still fulminate that the US somehow tricked them into going to war with China and the Europeans fomented the revolts in Eastern Europe. The USSR continues to muck around in the Third World, and proxy fights with the US are common. Third world intervention has become increasingly heavy-handed of late, especially under the last president, a hard-core conservative who was of the opinion that what the Third World needed was a good kick in the pants, followed by bibles, instead of charity. In a form of fairly formidable “neo-colonialism”, several third-world nations have been forced to essentially put their economies and most of their administration under foreign control.

The EC generally trades with third-world dictators with little concern with their ideology, and is increasingly annoyed about Soviet efforts to bully them on the subject of Poland and Romania. It has absorbed a Yugoslavia which managed to stay (more or less) united and make a more successful transition to Capitalism. It is somewhat more right-wing than OTL, and a couple neo-fascist (not that they call themselves that) parties are doing fairly well in France and Italy. China is fragmented, with only about 3/5 the population of OTL and unlikely to reunify soon. Japan has rearmed, developing its own nuclear arsenal to possibly help convince other people to avoid nuclear wars in its own back yard. The US is going through a religious phase, with the last election being between a moderate evangelical and a serious fire-breather, although fortunately the winner was more into the Feeding the Hungry and Clothing the Naked parts of the Bible than in the bits which talk about exterminating those who deal with the devil.

A new third-world movement, the “Human Front”, has arisen from the ashes of the old Bandung Conference, led by Brazil and an India which has decisively turned against Russian “fascism in red pajamas” since the military takeover and the ashes of 300 million dead human beings drifted over the Himalayas. With a strong emphasis on economic development and independence from US control, neutralism combined with strong mutual defense, and much idealistic support from the younger generations, US and Soviet gambling types generally give 2-1 odds that it will fall apart within a decade. Currently, aid workers and soldiers from Tanzania and the Big Three HF nations are gingerly carrying out the joint administration of the Zaire/Congo together with the United States: nobody trust anyone enough to give them full control of Congolese resources. South Africa had a messy and long – running civil war and has been reconstituted as a shaky federation of states. Oddly enough, Israel and the Jews are getting along not too badly – the Palestinian takeover of Jordan finally gave them a state, and after Israel gave them _most_ of the west Bank and Gaza, the “drive them into the sea” rhetoric eventually died down. (Although Fundamentalist Egypt and its fussing about the Sinai remains a bit of a pain).
freivolk Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
I think in the "China is divided after a nuclear war"-scenario is it mentioned, that South Mandchuria is also occupied by the Americans. So I assume the US and South Korea occupied North Korea.
QuantumBranching Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
Hm. I was working from some notes I took on the book some time ago, I don't currently have a copy handy, so I must beg ignorance. I wonder if it's online somewhere?

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