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This account is a storage spot for my alternate history maps. I also have started putting up "Alien Space Bat scenario" (fantasy settings) writings in a seperate "ASB" folder, and more recently some doodles.

PS - to see all the map deviations in my gallery, hit "browse": for some reason some don't show up otherwise, although they aren't in seperate folders.


Have neglected putting anything here, so I thought I'd start adding: alternate history maps by others, some Anime pics, odds and ends...


Inferno Averted: an Alternate Whoverse

The “Inferno” deep mantle drilling disaster shot a lance of hot plasma beyond the upper edge of the atmosphere, with an explosive concussion that was heard as far as Paris and shattered most windows in London, some 50 miles from Eastchester (our Colchester). Fortunately, the pocket of Stahlman’s gas  into which the drilling operation had broken into was a small and isolated one, and its release from its normal pressurized condition failed to start a sub-crustal chain reaction, an event which could have returned the entire planet to its primordial, molten state. As it was, the results were still a disaster on a global scale: some 300 square miles of English countryside were reduced to a lake of bubbling lava, so much debris was kicked into the atmosphere that the world suffered a “year without summer” which led to extensive famine in the poorer parts of the globe and led to revolution in India, and the formation of a colossal lava reservoir deep in the crust beneath England destabilized the west Eurasian crustal plate to the extent that in 1999 earthquakes are almost as characteristic of Europe as of OTL California: according to some geologists, the crustal plate may be splitting slowly on a west-east axis passing under England,  a view supported by the emergence of a ferociously active volcanic new island in the North Sea. Increasing volcanic effects and tectonic activity have been noted as far away as the Pacific Ring of Fire.

More locally, in England the damage created by the eruption was compounded by a rain of lava-hot green goo, consisting of a primordial form of life long extinct on the cooling outer shell of the planet: it proved infectious, causing humans to regress on a cellular level, into shaggy, bestial (and green) men-monsters, which sought to infect others to become like themselves.  [1] Terribly strong, radiating heat intense enough to carbonize(normal) human flesh, and almost unkillable by conventional hand arms, although vulnerable to cold, the “Primords” spread and multiplied, and were only stopped with heavy use of high explosives and the seizure of every CO2 fire extinguisher and canister liquid oxygen in southern England. (Gas didn’t work, and flamethrowers were quite counterproductive). Although the government under President John Smith reacted with its usual speed, efficiency, and brutality, in the end over two million British citizens perished, above and beyond the close to a million victims of the eruption itself, and half of London was burned down as a result of heat-loving Primords setting fires to keep warm.  Italian and other troops from British allies were eventually brought in to help mop up, although, from the point of view of those who lost family and friends to the Primords, the government had waited inexcusably long before asking for help.  (Not that anyone said this aloud, at least outside very small circles of very trustworthy people. Criticizing the Republic’s leadership was an unhealthy occupation).

The eruption and its disastrous effects (aside from leading to rapid shutdown of Russia’s own mantle penetration project) led to a serious worldwide economic slump, which would last through the rest of the 1970s. President John Smith stepped down in 1976 and disappeared under somewhat mysterious circumstances – although official accounts have him enjoying his retirement in Malaysia, many suspect a quiet coup, something not particularly appeased by the largely unknown new President, William Abberton, a government scientist afflicted by bizarre rumors of vampirism, officially blamed on Australian propaganda.

(The next decade, of course, saw the Shadow War, as genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced British vampires carried out a large-scale international program of terror, assassination and political destabilization against British competitors and enemies internal and external, not without successes, but also dangerously disrupting the unity of the Conclave and pushing Britain close to political isolation).

A few other events of interest:

1977-1990: the US pursues its own “super soldier” program through attempts to identify and recruit psychics, and enhance their powers by various means, with somewhat variable results.

1980: The destruction of several North Sea oil platforms is pinned on banned Scottish Nationslists, which of course copiously confess at their show trials. Very few people know about the relationship between these events and a violent explosion in an abandoned Welsh quarry, and even fewer know that (let alone why) a bomber carrying a 15 megaton device is kept constantly ready to take off in a secret hanger within a five minutes flight of Loch Ness.

1986: the destruction of planet Mondas by Conclave Z-bombs causes a radiation pulse that causes electromagnetic damage to power systems and computers worldwide, and the debris blown into space forms a menace that will threaten Earth with meteor impacts for the rest of the 20th century: however, the formation of the international Space Shield force to intercept and destroy threatening asteroids will create an internationalist force admired globally, and help heal some of the wounds caused by the Shadow war, even as a hidden struggle for control of Cybermen technology left at the South Pole rages behind closed doors.

1987: Prime Minister Abberton passes on under somewhat uncertain circumstances: it is a closed-casket funeral.

1992: the Two Chinas reunite.

1996: a Chinese high-tech haunted house meant to take place in the Gold Coast Festival is shut down in early testing due to overly aggressive robots: Chinese repairmen arrive to find the place mysteriously wrecked in spite of undisturbed locked doors, and a couple very odd looking trashed machines with rotting organic residue inside. The Chinese secret service manages to smuggle them out of the country before the British security forces cotton on.

1999: a peculiar radar “black spot” is located above Canary Warf.

As of 1999, on the eve of a new millennium (although some wiseasses point out that it won’t arrive till the end of 2000), the Conclave has been drawn into closer agreement than ever before by the increasing evidence that the universe is a seriously dangerous place. Plots are being drawn behind the scenes to create a single overarching governing body for the American, British, Russian and Japanese blocks (the Chinese are still being a bit difficult); it won’t be quite a world government, but once formed it will have the power needed to bring the rest of the globe in line. To survive, humanity must be unified, and expand to the stars.

Russia has risen in the relative power rankings: the Chinese, even more so, eroding Japanese dominance of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, which is nowadays essentially split into Chinese and Japanese factions.

Technology is, thanks to stolen alien tech, quite advanced. Cybernetics are highly developed, with cyborgs human and otherwise, regenerating-metal robot soldiers (and nanotech weapons to rust them into scrap), and whole-heartedly fascist sapient computers. (The Scandinavians are becoming disturbingly fascinated with cybernetic upgrades: a Swedish scientist reportedly has stated “we could do much, much better than the Cybermen.”)There are energy weapons that could carve CHA on the Moon, if anyone wanted to. Space travel has been greatly enhanced since the 1970s: there are now manned bases across the solar system, and faster than light travel is reported to be “right around the corner.”

An ancient, Fendahl-infected skull, indestructible by anything short of a supernova, lies shallowly buried below the debris from the explosion of a nuclear artillery shell, waiting patiently for a new puppet.

The wreckage of Mondas continues to speed into interstellar space.

The French continue to fiddle with Scaroth’s time technology, never perfected without the aid of Romana. Turning an egg into an adult chicken and then a skeleton is a good party trick, but it’s of limited utility.

The British have more functional time travel technology, although they still tend to suffer from unfortunate “dinosaurs pop up in the present” side effects. There are plans in effect to send people back in time and recreate Britain 5 million BC if it looks like curtains in the present, although scientists mutter about “catastrophic paradox” and “timeline implosion” where the morale officers can’t hear them.

Skaldak the Ice Warrior remains frozen in the Arctic ice.

 [1] A handful of Primords were captured alive and kept in concrete-lined pits they could not climb out of: over a few years they continued to slowly degenerate, into misshapen fanged quadrupeds, then into crawling things, finally into horrors like immense green jellyfish slithering from place to place. 

A Place Calling Itself Rome
OK, a map based on this scenario… by CyberPhoenix001, a world in which the US lost New England early, New England went on to eat most of Canada, and in the 20th century New Canengland and the USA nuked the shit out of eachother. In Europe there was a lesser atomic exchange, which led the UK to withdraw into isolation and left Italy (which had unified earlier than OTL) and Russia the last folks standing. Today the world is divided into four power blocks, the Italians and their extensive alliance system, Russia, a China which modernized more successfully than OTL but ended up even more dickish than the PRC, and a pseudo-USSR in South America with enclaves abroad (they're all about the World State). A few American details stolen from my _last_ post Atomic holocaust North America.  :D
Inferno 2.0
A commission by TenaciousVulpine, for the world of Dr. Who's "Inferno" circa 1974, shortly before the surface of the planet is rendered molten by uncontrolled and uncontrollable release of Stahlman's gas from beneath the Earth's crust. Kudos to The Gunslinger on, which inspired the GEACPS in this map. 

This is a world where various forms of right-wing authoritarianism has become the dominant mode of government, with the Russian Whites winning out in the Civil War, the US going Technocratic in the Great Depression and Britain going Fascist (they don't call it that, "Fascism" is an _Italian_ thing) and eventually liquidating the Royals. Japan never invaded China proper but simply played off the factions of a more fragmented Kuomintang against eachother and managed to establish it's Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere on a more voluntary basis. 

Adolph Hitler arose as OTL, but the better relations between Fascist Britain and White Russia meant that he never got a chance to overrun Europe: he ran out of Cunning Plans at a critical point and was taken down by Britain, Russia, and Italy. Germany was broken up into smaller states, but it is slowly reforming as a loose federation under British protection, which is souring British-Russian relations.

There was something of a British-Russian-American-Japanese cold war by the late 1950s, all powers having developed atomic weapons and their own spheres of interest, but the fear of nuclear destruction eventually led to the formation of an international "super cabinet" called the Conclave to prevent another world war from breaking out. The British alliance system, the American Confederation (the US, after a "rational, scientific" reformation, which really wasn't) and Japan with the GEACPS tend to dominate: India is still relatively weak militarily and economically, and Russia has lagged behind of late (the legacy of Stalin, who went into right-wing rather than left-wing politics in this world: Russia is good at repression but also frightfully corrupt and a mismanaged economy). 

Conclave members all accept the need for unity to prevent atomic war in the face of unrest and an increasingly unmanageable colonial and ex-colonial world, but that doesn't mean they _like_ each other, and a certain amount of competition and points-scoring goes on all the time (Japan and the North Americans particularly dislike eachother).

It's a more authoritarian and repressive world than OTL (admittedly, much of Japanese-dominated Asia is better off than the Mao-dominated China of our 1974), with even democratic neutrals in Europe such as Switzerland and the Low Countries tending to be dominated by reactionary, right-wing parties. (At least in part due to the intolerance of the major powers for left wing democracy.). On the (small) positive side, the air is generally a bit cleaner and less radioactive than OTL 1974: both British and Russian forms of authoritarianism have a pro-wilderness streak, and no major power is as insanely unconcerned about putting crap into the environment as OTL's USSR. The nuclear arms race didn't run out of control as long as OTL, and underground nuclear testing was universally adopted early on.

The existence of Free Africa (a result of the French, in one of their revolutionary periods, dumping much of their Empire, and a cash-strapped Britain dropping some of their more troublesome colonies) is a bit of a thorn in the sides of the major powers, along with Australia's stubborn support of old-fashioned democracy: although, lacking superpower protectors, the independent Africans and Arabs generally stick to rhetorical denunciations of Conclave colonial and semi-colonial practices, they still form, like Haiti to slave states in the 1800s, an ideological threat by simply existing. Talk arises now and again about bringing Free Africa firmly under Conclave control, but this would be bloody, expensive, and nobody can agree as to who gets what bit.

Fortunately, the Africans and others struggling against repression will not need to struggle much longer. Britain's power comes from being the leader of a coalition rather than individual national size and population like Russia or the American Confederation or even India (heck, Japan alone is rather a lot more populous than GB) and that coalition is always at risk of fraying. It's leadership plans to leap ahead with the White Heat of Technology, with alien tech it has kept secret, and with an unlimited new power source draw from beneath the planetary crust. And what of those who warn of uncertain risks? Well, if they get too annoying there are always the camps or the simple bullet to the back of the head.

In some ways this world is more technologically advanced than OTL, notably in space travel, thanks to the capture of three alien space ships in Wales, 1959. As part of the formation of the Conclave, a united space program was formed, and the latest ships, equipped with antigravity and atomic drives, can reach the Moon in hours and Mars in weeks: the shaky little bases thereupon will have very little time to become self-sufficient, if any humans are to survive at all. 

Edit: some small changes made. Can YOU spot them?
Sure, 2016 was sort of crapsack, and the prospects for 2017 aren't good, but that doesn't mean we can no longer have fun, and if we have some self-confidence we can still march on into January with some degree of enthusiasm. Have a great New Year's Eve, everyone!
Currently open for commissions, $25 paypal (up front) for a regular size map and short writeup, negotiable for larger projects. 


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Sure, 2016 was sort of crapsack, and the prospects for 2017 aren't good, but that doesn't mean we can no longer have fun, and if we have some self-confidence we can still march on into January with some degree of enthusiasm. Have a great New Year's Eve, everyone!


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