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This account is a storage spot for my alternate history maps. I also have started putting up "Alien Space Bat scenario" (fantasy settings) writings in a seperate "ASB" folder, and more recently some doodles.

PS - to see all the map deviations in my gallery, hit "browse": for some reason some don't show up otherwise, although they aren't in seperate folders.


Have neglected putting anything here, so I thought I'd start adding: alternate history maps by others, some Anime pics, odds and ends...


Times Numberless by QuantumBranching
Times Numberless
From the time travel/alternate history short novel "Times without Number" by John Brunner. Time travel was invented a century ago, and while various crises have so far been overcome, an angry megalomaniac is loose in time, and he intends to being down the Most Catholic empire of the Habsburgs...

In this world, the Spaniards first successfully crushed the uprising in the Netherlands, and then with a secure base for their soldiers were able to carry out the Armada’s invasion of England. Ruling Britain proved useful, since not much later the invasion of Spain by Islamic armies (something I am going to attribute to messed up time travel, since it was logistically pretty impossible at the time, John Brunner, you blockhead) forced the Spanish Habsburg royal family to flee: London was a place safe from both Muslims and Frenchmen (although after the fall of Spain and Portugal, the French had their hands pretty full holding the Muslims at the Pyrenees). The eastern Habsburgs managed to establish their supremacy over most of the Holy Roman Empire, and in a final triumph, a War of the French Succession ended with a victory for the Habsburg candidate, leading by the mid 18th century to a Catholic Europe largely united under one royal family. 

Of course, such supremacy leads to resistance, and an eastern European alliance arose to avoid becoming mere vassals of the now overgrown Habsburg Empire. Bohemia broke away in the Great German Revolt, and joined with still-protestant Northeastern Germans, Danes and even Catholic Poles fearful of Habsburg power in the Confederacy of the East, the Russians later joining in a “if you can’t beat them” calculation. 

A cycle of West-East wars was broken by the development of time travel by an Italian genius in the late 19th century, and the swift theft of the secret by German spies, leading to an effective situation of Mutually Assured Destruction, time travelers from either side being able to unravel the existence of the other. As a result, the Treaty of Prague, forbidding any attempts to gain advantage over the other through temporal meddling, has held unbroken for a century by the time of the map, although to some extent by the fact that each side is so alarmed by the prospect of a Time War that minor violations and edge cases are often quietly excused. Time travel has not been used to liberate Spain retroactively, since that would change history so much that time travel would probably not be invented in the first place, and in any event would wipe from existence everyone in the “present day.”

In the year 1989, an uneasy peace still exists, although many in the know feel the real enemy is not so much the other great power as the very existence of time travel itself; there have been questions about the professionalism and supposed uncorruptibility of the Habsburg Monarchy and Catholic Church vetted Society of Time, along with the Eastern Temporal College: and all it would take is just the wrong butterfly at the right time to start the whole fabric of history unraveling. And while so far only the Empire and the Confederacy have time travel, both the Muslim great powers and the Chinese know of its existence and are doing their best to figure it out.

The Habsburg Empire, as well as much of Europe, also encompasses all of the Americas. With no British or French competition, the Empire has never bothered to colonize OTL’s US and Canada aside from a scattering of small settlements along the East coast (there are also some French settlements in what would be Canada) and most of the continent north of Mexico is ruled by proxy through self-governing native American vassals, most notably the Catholicized Mohawks, who used Spanish guns and horses to carve out a vast, if still fairly thinly populated, empire of their own. African colonies are limited to a scattering of trade posts due to the disease factor, and the Cape area, but the Indonesia-Philippines area has been colonized, as has most of India, although Muslim powers hang on in the northwest. Australia looked too backwards and desolate to bother with, and the Maori of New Zealand have recently converted to Catholicism. 

There are several major non-Christian powers, of which the Mediterranean Caliphate is most notorious. A revolutionary movement which became an empire, it turned against stodgy Ottoman quietist Islam as well as Christianity, the Caliphate carving a huge chunk out of Ottoman territory. Although not as apocalyptic in its world view as it once was, the Caliphate remains actively dangerous, an advanced (by this world’s standards) grasp of medicine and sanitation having allowed it to breed to the limit of its agricultural capacities: the excess young men are expended on regular border wars against the Empire and the Ottomans, or sent off to India to help out their fellow Muslims in the north. 

The Ottomans are keeping their heads above water, and managed to advance north into Russia for a while (indeed, the Tsardom probably owes its existence to Polish and Lithuanian assistance at the time) and insure the continued existence of the Crimean Khanate. Currently things are quite on the Confederacy front, Ottoman hostility being directly principally at the “heretics” in the Caliphate of the Mediterranean and the Rouhanid Empire of Persia aka Iran, which took over from the crumbling Sassanids a while back.

China, or Cathay as it is still called in the west, is the Big Brass Ring for missionaries, who always claim to the pope that given just a little more support they will convert the Emperor. Popes usually roll their eyes at this, having heard this all before for some three centuries, but there is a fair sized Christian minority in China nowadays, and relations between the Empire of the West and the Empire of the East are cordial: Habsburg emissaries have been successful enough in blackening the name of the Confederacy of the East that the Chinese emperor has taken their advice and pushed their eastern Siberian border well north, making access to the Pacific save the extremely long way around Africa (passing Imperial bases every step of the way) distinctly problematic for Russ and the other members of the Confederation. 

Cipangu is notable for its Empirephilia; it has not converted to Christianity either, but under a series of outward-looking Shoguns the country we call Japan has become enthused about all things Imperial, whose successes they admire and envy. The Cipanguese are presently attempting to emulate the European empire by expanding overseas to create a power base of their own and get away from the country’s traditional role as a mere part of China’s sphere of political and cultural influence. This is mostly seen so far as cute by the Habsburg Empire, but as Cipangu footholds multiply in the oddest places (loads of Pacific islands, the Aleutians [1], bits of the Indonesian archipelago the Habsburgs never bothered to take, the Malay peninsula, even Madagascar and Tasmania…), some are wondering if a new threat to the Empire is emerging. At least they don’t know diddly about time travel.

Politics is still stuck in the era of absolute monarchy, or limited parliamentary power at best. Slavery still exists in Europe, but is increasingly confined to servants for the rich outside of South America and the Caribbean: large scale slaving has been made uneconomical by increasing State and Church overseeing of the process, and the prices for individual slaves are way up. Regulations include no more enslaving of Africans who have converted to Catholicism, and no more packing slaves like sardines in ships and dumping overboard those who don't make it (if the Imperial navy intercepts such a ship, the captain is automatically hanged): and as for regulations after they get to their destination, if you can't treat your slaves well enough for them to successfully maintain their numbers through natural reproduction, you aren't allowed to have any. The East Europeans have never been into slavery on a major scale, lacking any tropical "plantations." (Russ is still all serf-y, however).

Technology is quite backwards in this world, having progressed perhaps a bit over half as fast as in ours since the late 16th century, being mostly on a late 18th century level. Copernican theory is accepted in the Catholic lands, if not “evolutionary theory”, and a basic understanding of electromagnetic theory exists, although outside of one very special area it has little in the way of practical use (although some French savants are currently doing some rule of thumb experimenting with sending long distance messages over copper wires, often interrupted by poor locals stealing the wires). Long distance communication is by semaphore in populated areas, by fast horse in wilderness: fast travel is by sailing ship at sea, by wagon train on land. (Steam machinery is only just now being tried as a means of drawing water out of mines in Silesia: some steam tech has been around for a while, but just used for amusements and giant church organs). Hot air balloons exist: powered flight is the stuff of popular romances. 

The microscope has been invented and a germ theory of disease exists, but remains controversial. Europe is only just catching up with the Caliphate’s fairly sophisticated grasp of the need for antisepsis and clean water, and the Caliphate remains the only nation to experiment systematically [2] with disease vaccination. (Test subjects are reassured by clerics that dying to save other believers is a form of martyrdom worth at least 20 virgins). Catholic Europe has a pretty sophisticated grasp of hypnosis and mind-influencing drugs, in some ways more refined than OTLs, but such things are classified as a form of “sorcery” by the Church and are kept as secret techniques of the Inquisition and other shadowy governing agencies, including the Society of Time. 

The one area in which technology far exceeds anything OTL is the development of time travel, a product of esoteric Catholic philosophy and mathematics as much as a skewed understanding of electromagnetic phenomena. The theory behind them is very hard to grasp, but time machines are in fact rather easy to make, involving a framework of bars of magnetic iron and pure silver arranged in a mathematically derived arrangement: their construction is kept a deep dark secret and they are kept carefully locked away from the public eye, since someone with a good enough visual memory and access to the correct materials could rebuild it from memory and have a fair chance of it working. Time travel can also be used for emergency long-distance travel: since space and time are interrelated, one can travel back a few seconds in time and travel thousands of miles in space. (However, you had better know exactly what your target in space is like, otherwise you might materialize inside a solid object. Not good).

Time travel is mostly into the past for research and study, location of lost treasures, and cleaning up the messes of Time Criminals who risk changing history by bringing back valuable artifacts not recorded in actual history as lost, or by taking tourists to just the wrong spot in history, or killing their grandpa, or whatever. Travel into the future is strictly limited due to the high risk of paradox. Paradoxes and history changes are to be avoided at all costs: because this isn’t one of those happy shiny universes where changing things just creates a parallel universe. No, this is one of those worlds where a major change will make it so you and everyone you know will never have existed in the first place… (the official Church line is that souls cannot be un-created and just go to Limbo in the case of a temporal catastrophe, but it remains uncertain how many members of the Society of Time suffer from existential terror all the same). The general public knows time travel exists, but have no idea how dangerous it really is. 

Certain vague recent rumors are ignored by most. After all, the Society couldn’t be regularly be almost un-making the world by experimentally creating other histories and then putting things back they were, right? I mean, the leaders of the most honorable and holy Society of Time can’t be a big a bunch of loonies, right?

[1] Displacing Russ fur traders and adventurers, to some Habsburg satisfaction. 

[2] For all their religious enthusiasm, the inhabitants of the Caliphate have a high appreciation of practical knowledge and those who pursue it.
Vive Le Canada Francais! by QuantumBranching
Vive Le Canada Francais!
Finished up something I've had on my computer for a while.

In this world the British failed to take Quebec, and although the French had to give up a sugar isle or two they held onto OTL and lost the rest of Arcadia, they managed to hold onto most of their north American possessions in the peace treaty. The US revolution was delayed, but not prevented: the colonies were continuing to grow in strength and self-confidence, while the English continued to look down their noses at "colonials", continued to try to make them pay their fare share of taxes, end illegal smuggling, and still housed their soldiers in their homes. The average British colonial was pissed off at what they considered British military incompetence rather more than terrified of the French, and before the 18th century was over British America was calling itself These United States. (The name United States of Columbia was tried on for size, but eventually dropped).

US citizens would and did push west, and there were various US-French clashes from early on, which turned into a US landslide when the combination of several elements - the example of their own revolution, along with French intellectuals being French intellectuals and the Bourbons being the Bourbons - set off a French revolution, which rendered French assistance to New France either intermittent or unwanted, depending on who was in charge at the moment in Paris or what the British Navy was doing. By dint of heroic efforts, more French and other Catholic settlement during the extra decades of French American existence, and the expenditure of a lot of Indians[1], the Canadiens managed to hold onto the Illinois territory while setting up a shaky Republic, but lost most of the territory east of the Mississippi and south of the Great Lakes: the remnants of the Iroquois confederation were evacuated across the Ontario.

Fortunately, the US was distracted by another outrage against their Manifest Destiny, the British and Spanish having seized the less populous but strategically useful southern end of the French empire in Louisiana. It would take an alliance of convenience with the Canadiens to gain control of the lower Mississippi and incidentally push the British out of the Canadian arctic, although they held on like grim death to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. A border was established which left the nicer bits of the Great Plains to the US and the horrible weather and Indian filled northern bits to the newly renamed "Republique du Canada."

The last push west to the Pacific and the bloody fight with Mexico a couple decades later essentially soured the US on further adventures, but there would be one more 19th century war as the slave states decided federal government reluctance to admit Texas as a slave state was intolerable. It was a shorter war than OTL, the Confederacy being smaller (if also possibly even wackier), and it also improved US-Canadian relations, the government of Canada being strongly pro-union (slavery having been banned back in the First Republic era). Admittedly, some Canadien "ultras" saw this as an opportunity to pay the US back for former losses, but the Prime minster of the time considered them a bunch of merde-heads. 

The rather troubled first sixty years or so of US-Canadian relations led to a strengthening of US Catholic-phobia, and various restrictions were passed for a while on Catholic immigration: as a result the US in this world has fewer Irish but more Scots and Scots-Irish. (There has also been more British immigration to Australia and South Africa, including a fair number of Loyalists post-revolution, but oddly enough neither state has become a terrifying racist expansionist dictatorship as a result). The US was also slower to become a great industrial power with some of its best industrial raw materials areas in Canadian hands, although increasingly free trade compensated for that. The US was also less active in the Pacific, never took Hawaii or the Phillipines, although it did do some central American filibustering and picked up Puerto Rico when the Syndicalists took over Spain. Unlike OTL, Canadians are known in the US for their emotionalism and political turbulence, and reputedly all have fiery tempers, although that may be more projection. A much bloodier 19th century led to an earlier centralization of US power and more of a military tradition - interestingly, the US today is both more militarized, in terms of mass participation (it still has a draft) and less militaristic: war is not a glorious show. 

In the 20th century, Canada and the US have in fact become close if sometimes quarrelsome allies: the old world has had its wars and tyrannies as OTL, if a rather different cast of characters, and the American powers have cooperated to fight for freedom (and money). Today the US is perhaps 2/3 the superpower it is OTL, while Canada is somewhere on the level of France or maybe Germany - if larger and more populous than OTL, it simply hasn't been able to match the US in numbers. Together with their other allies abroad, they navigate the dangerous waters of the 21st century together. 

[1] Indigenous Canadians are not entirely a happy people - while the Canadiens have never followed the "only Good Indian is a Dead Indian" philosophy, after the Indians were no longer that useful as military auxiliaries, the varies treaties and freedoms and "sacred Indian lands" tended to vanish down the memory hole as the Canadiens energetically tried to make good (North American) Frenchmen out of them. This has led to understandable bitterness in this modern era.
Odd Camps by QuantumBranching
Odd Camps
Decided to do a map for Rush4you's scenario on the one-shot ASB scenario thread, with some changes, because, ha! He can't stop me. [1]

Original here:…

ASB [2] warning, please take note. Also note that "Fascist" where used here really should be *Fascist.

The year is 1936.

[1] I will take this down if you ask, Rush. :)

[2] Intervention of Alien Space Bats probably required for this to happen
Red Sun by QuantumBranching
Red Sun
Map I did for Suleiman's "Red Sun" alternate history scenario.… More of Eastern Europe was lost to the Reds after a different  first world war, and there was no WWII although a brutal Japanese-Chinese struggle led to a Red China 
and later a Chinese-Soviet war where the Soviets shall we say overreacted to a Chinese use of WMDs? The year is 2014, and the world is divided into four main blocks, the democracies led by US and western Europe, the mostly post-colonial and Lite Red Non-Aligned nations, the Soviets (a world in themselves), which nobody really wants to hang with since they killed most of the population of China with a gross overuse of nuclear weapons, and the so called "fourth way" of fascist-type dictatorships led by Japan (although the Italians like to imagine themselves as equally important). 

(As I said, this is Suleiman's scenario, so address complaints re plausibility to him, not me. :) )


Bruce Munro
United States
Current Residence: Where the rabbit shoulda made a turn
Putting up some older maps, originals and covers of other people's work, for completeness's sake. Sorry about the iffy quality or lack of long blab in many cases.

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The main victors of WW1 were Germany and Romania, being the two slaughterhouses which gained a lot of territory after the war. Britain suffered a civil war in 1921 which turned it fascist due to the rising anti-monarch protestors.

The rest would be up to you to decide, but here's a link to a piece I did awhile back regarding this universe.…
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